Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Polish State Railways Passenger Car "Ryflak"

1 year 2 months ago #18280 by kmalkowski
Hello everyone. After a long hiatus in designing stuff for Z & N scale, I'm back to designing new models. My current focus is on Polish State Railways.

Not sure how many people will be interested in Polish State Railways Rolling stock, but right now I have a Polish State Railways Passanger car of "Ryflak" type available on Shapeways.

The model is available with both seating inserts and without.

Here's a few photos :-)

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I'm currently working on Cement carrying car of type "UCAS 408S". This one will be available in two or three versions once it is done:
a) full details marklin bogies
b) full details with prototypical bogies made by a fellow Polish modeler.
c) simplified version where extra details have to be made out od etched metal. This version will most likely require reaching out to my friend about the costs of metal parts.

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After that I'm also working on Coal car type 408Wj :-)

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