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Thursday, May 13, 2021

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Z Scale Buy/Sell/Trade 39 topics

Here is where Z Central Station Members can list items they want to buy, sell, or trade Z scale products.
Z Central Station Rules

1.) Sale items must be owned or in possession and have the item ready for shipping prior to posting the listing.

2.) Interested buyers should private message or E-mail the person who listed the item. Click on member name to access their profile to send a private message.

3.) All information about the item along with images or videos should be posted with the item to eliminate requests for pictures, if you do not have a picture then please do not post until you do.

4.) You may post the price of the item(s), whether it be trade value, sale value or willing to pay. Shipping costs and shipping method shall be displayed.

5.) Once the listing has been completed you must post that the item(s) are no longer available. Let’s keep this section clean. After 30 days from original posting the listing will be removed.

6.) If a member owes you something, make EVERY attempt to resolve the issue privately. Should all attempts at a solution fail and you feel you have no option but to make a public post, remember to be respectful. Posting a deal-gone-bad to the board should be a last resort. It is not Z Central Station's place to "police" every transaction on the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum.

7.)Admin/Mods and Affiliates will not be held liable for any transaction that fails to follow through.

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