Megaphone blue_guy

Every Z Central Member has the ability to create their own Blogs.  Members can create individual 'How To' blogs, or even type up an experience.

Once you log in, under "My ZCS" menu, select "My Blog Dashboard" to start one!  Very easy!!


 Among the features currently implemented are:

  • Quick search and linking of previous posts while writing a blog entry
  • Tags / Tagclouds
  • Easy image upload and browsing using MyBlog!'s own image browser
  • SEF friendly permanent links for each blog entry
  • Single-click publishing/unpublishing
  • Page view of my blog entries
  • Browse blogs by keyword, blogger, or tags
  • Simple and easy view of all blog entries / my blog entries
  • Templating support
  • del.icio.usdiggspurlredditfurl social bookmarking support