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Created: Saturday, 03 September 2011 14:26
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Lighting the speeder

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So there I was..had my speeder all painted and glass in the window and everything dull coated and figure inside and..hunky-dory.
I went to LHS becasue they called and said my LED was there. The guys who sent it did not charge store so the store said, OK its free..COOL!
So I was comapring it to the LED I got from Conrad and ..HOLY SMOKES..The one fron Conrad was like 1.6 mm ..the one I got for free was as TINY..IF the LEDS were trains it would be like Z compared to O scale..
So ..there I was..drilled a tiny hole and mounted the LED to the back of the windscreen and ran the wires down throw holes I drilled.
I hooked up the battery and..
CRIPES the whole thing lit up..Im talking through the orange paint..the wheels the back the front, everything..like a plastic wallmart halloween pumpkin..I swear even the dude glued in glowed. The superglue glowed. Wowsers.
That cool paintjob..gone.I literally had to dunk the thing in the 5 gallon paintbucket of flat black to keep the thing from glowing. I mean even the wheels and the frame in the back was glowing.
This gives me ideas of glowy things..like perhaps for halloween or Christmas.

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