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Created: Wednesday, 21 September 2011 14:25
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Chasing tail

red blog

Uncle Sugar gave me a bit a change, so as soon as I could, I got in touch with my favorite dealer.  Picked up another B unit for the CB&Q (this one had all the stripes it was supposed to on it) and I got 2 PENNZEE reefers that were sitting on the virtual shelf for a while. This puts my total reefers at 6, even though the numbers are starting to repeat.

I got the Pennsy shell in the mail, a trade for a CB&Q A unit shell. When that comes in, oh boy oh boy. Next step will be trying to erase the tiny, tiny, art deco "A", and try to find an art deco "C" to take its place.
Hopefully, my new job will pan out and I will make enough scratch to send them off to get DCC'd.

For now, I am now running my A & B unit and reefers round and round my oval, chasing the tail.

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