Friday, March 24, 2017
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ZCS Shoutbox

stonysmith - Fri 24 Mar - 12:31

Our prayers are with you Catt.

stonysmith - Fri 24 Mar - 12:30

From Karin Edwards.. Jonathan (catt) is in the hospital for bleeding on the brain and other complications. He will be having surgery Friday to remove the blood on his brain.

kevsmith - Mon 20 Mar - 16:07

Managed to get the thread posted with one picture O.K. Tried a reply and got the 0404 error message. couldn't save it . tried a simple reply with one picture and it worked. Tried to insert video nogo

soccrdad30 - Sun 19 Mar - 21:37

Rob and Kev, could you please email me a screen shot of the error? I would like to see what exact error message is. Somehow with any firewall update I seem to have to reset the commands. John

ztrack - Sun 19 Mar - 19:59

Kev I have had the same problem repeatedly. It is why I stopped posting on the forum.

kevsmith - Sun 19 Mar - 16:25

Hi all.I trying to put a new thread onto the layouts section about the Z layout I've built for our Brooklyn but it stops me saying something about a pattern a hacker could use, any thoughts?Kev

rvn2001 - Fri 10 Mar - 09:32

You're welcome xD

stonysmith - Tue 7 Mar - 21:03

I'm seriously grateful for every one who helped me get to this milestone. http://bit.ly/2mzl7MG

shamoo737 - Tue 28 Feb - 23:47

I am now. :D

gregeusa - Tue 28 Feb - 21:16

anyone home?

tealplanes - Wed 22 Feb - 10:16

No JA, a trainboard is a bunch of train nuts getting together to argue what track and switches to use on a future layout xD

Mr.JA - Sat 11 Feb - 04:25

What's a "trainboard"? Is that what you build your layout on? lol

circusbuilder - Mon 6 Feb - 21:38

Thanks Walt.

southernnscale - Fri 3 Feb - 21:19

There are still some important people that still come here like you said. There is still a lot of information you can find here! John and Stony both great also! thanks to all that still take the time!

tealplanes - Mon 30 Jan - 22:11

Thank you John or Stony. You're both great :)

tealplanes - Sun 29 Jan - 11:31

Yeah Walt,, not much ever going on on this site. Trainboard is much more active

southernnscale - Fri 27 Jan - 20:18

That's ok! tealplanes! No one ever post new things for weeks and never see any thing new. So it's nice to visit and see something new! real cool Photo's!

tealplanes - Fri 27 Jan - 12:29

Hey John or Stony......can you delete a couple of extra pictures I accidentally posted more than once?

tealplanes - Fri 27 Jan - 12:27

Sorry guys, I hit the button several times in pictures. There's only one train,......it is just passing by several times. Been a long time since I uploaded anything.........my bad.

shamoo737 - Fri 20 Jan - 22:52

I don't do fish

shamoo737 - Fri 20 Jan - 22:52

I don't do fish

rvn2001 - Wed 18 Jan - 19:54

I don't do Facebook so this site works perfectly fine for me.

dawdawes - Wed 18 Jan - 11:38

not a lover of this web site prefer, Facebook groups and AZL forum

southernnscale - Sun 8 Jan - 17:58

What happen every one stop doing Z scale? It's a shame. I still come here to see the new projects z scalers are doing! nothing is ever bad seem everything here are craftsmen working at what they like!

stonysmith - Sun 1 Jan - 17:38

Happy New Year!

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NHRS 1932-03-24 Station WABC broadcasts a national network radio program originating aboard a Baltimore & Ohio train, with pickup points at Beltsville and Laurel, Maryland.
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Latest Product Posts

kevsmith's Avatar
Posted by kevsmith
20 Mar 2017 16:23
MTL Abrams Tanks The MTL tank looks good but my oh my it is heavy. I've got a couple on my modern image military train but a lot of them would be unpullable. I've got a lot of Z-Panzers Hummvees which are spot on but but have bought a lot of his Leopards after finding the...
DAZed's Avatar
Posted by DAZed
07 Mar 2017 14:58
MTL Abrams Tanks Well, some more searching and I came across this: MTL-799 43 939 Modern Tank http://www.zscalemonster.com/mt/799-43-000/799-43-939_08-2014.jpg As found on the MTL Loads archive page here: http://www.zscalemonster.com/mt/799-43-000/so.htm So...
TailUK's Avatar
Posted by TailUK
28 Feb 2017 09:03
MTL Abrams Tanks The MTL tanks require assembly and are only available with the runner pack. I was thinking of modelling some for myself using the MTL ones as a guide. I'd do this as a series of cast resin pieces. So I could perhaps make a mould for you too.
DAZed's Avatar
Posted by DAZed
28 Feb 2017 07:51
MTL Abrams Tanks Initially I'll need 15-20, . Eventually probably double that. I agree we'll probably see one on Shapeways, but I was more curious about the MTL version...they look pretty nice from the photo, and I assume resin? So they would be ideal.
TailUK's Avatar
Posted by TailUK
28 Feb 2017 03:31
MTL Abrams Tanks Unfortunately they don't but I still haven't give up hope that a 1:220th scale Abrams will show up on Shapeways. How many would you want?

Latest Forum Posts

kevsmith's Avatar
Posted by kevsmith
20 Mar 2017 16:03
Brooklyn's first Z layout Struggling to get the video to link but can add more photos i think The youngest member of our clan, Brooklyn, is already a big railfan. last weekend he was out watching 46115 Scots Guardsman on a steam special and always refers to any DRS train he sees...
kevsmith's Avatar
Posted by kevsmith
20 Mar 2017 15:58
Brooklyn's first Z layout Image Link Video Link Kev
kevsmith's Avatar
Posted by kevsmith
20 Mar 2017 15:40
Brooklyn's first Z layout 5 years old and already master of his very own Z layout Image Link
AllScaleRails's Avatar
Posted by AllScaleRails
03 Mar 2017 02:17
All Scale Rails Issue #13 March / April 2017 Image Link Included in this issue: Sherburne S. Merrill Railroad Reference Library / History of the Model Railroad Club of Milwaukee / Model Railroad Club of Milwaukee's "Milwaukee Union Terminal Railroad" & "Milwaukee Electric Lines"...
garthah's Avatar
Posted by garthah
24 Feb 2017 20:20
GM Aerotrain model Very nice job can't wait to see end result regardz Garth

Buy/Sell/Trade Posts

DAZed's Avatar
Posted by DAZed
15 Mar 2017 16:59
FS: AZL Freight Cars (or Trades) AZL Transportation Corp of America PS2-CD 4-Pack $140 + Shipping. See... http://www.trainboard.com/highball/index.php?threads/azl-trans-corp-of-america-furx-ic-ps2-cd-4-pack.103914
DAZed's Avatar
Posted by DAZed
25 Oct 2016 09:20
For Sale - 8axle 125ton HD Flat Car w/Transformer Got mine....looks incredible. Thanks for the cool things you do in Z!
HoboTim's Avatar
Posted by HoboTim
22 Oct 2016 12:13
For Sale - 8axle 125ton HD Flat Car w/Transformer I want to thank everyone for there interest in my custom builds. The last of the 125ton, 8 axle, HD Flat cars has been sold. If all goes well I should have more in the future. Hobo Tim
HoboTim's Avatar
Posted by HoboTim
20 Oct 2016 19:40
For Sale - 8axle 125ton HD Flat Car w/Transformer 3 of 4 are sold. 1 left.
HoboTim's Avatar
Posted by HoboTim
16 Oct 2016 15:04
For Sale - 8axle 125ton HD Flat Car w/Transformer For Sale 2016-10-1511.32.17_resized.jpg 2016-10-1511.35.03_resized.jpg Newly Built 8 axle 125ton Heavy Duty Flat Cars with Transformer Loads. RR Scheme - TTX (QTTX131044) Quantity Available - Four (4) Price Each - $45.00 + shipping Shipping -...

Rollingstock Club

kevsmith's Avatar
Posted by kevsmith
07 Dec 2015 04:04
Rolling Stock of the Month Club Entries Stonysmith Rotary plow, MTL F7B converted to RSPU two DCC GP35s and Stonysmith caboose means The Shasta route is ready for the onset of Winter Image Link cheers KEV

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