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JoomJunk - Mon 16 Jan - 15:00

Welcome to the Shoutbox

rvn2001 - Sun 17 Mar - 15:40

Happy St. Patrick's Day

ZFRANK - Thu 3 Jan - 18:39

Happy New Year!

rvn2001 - Tue 1 Jan - 06:45

Yappy Hew Near ..... er ...... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

soccrdad30 - Thu 27 Dec - 03:13

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone

rvn2001 - Tue 25 Dec - 11:59


stonysmith - Mon 8 Oct - 00:20

@ZOPTIONS - welcome!There's a good number of folks here who can help.One of the best resources it to come to chat at 9:00pm EDT almost any day

ZOPTIONS - Sun 7 Oct - 16:50

Greetings to all! Coming from Lionel O scale - "sizing down" if you will. Have a lot of trouble trying to determine the "best" products for constructing sidewalks AND structure bases? GM

rvn2001 - Thu 27 Sep - 16:16

You just need to sand the bottom of the plow a little.

jdo - Thu 27 Sep - 13:02

Is anyone having problems with the new MTL SD-40S plow hanging up on switches ETC.?

stonysmith - Wed 19 Sep - 14:56

Make sure you click on the image first so that you get the full size image. The image is properly 11105x450 and if printed at 300dpi will be the correct size.

mohican - Mon 17 Sep - 21:45

who creates the container freight pics? It would be nice if they were created using an adobe file instead of a jpg rendering. The details are too far blurred to make a decent model

mohican - Mon 17 Sep - 21:29

I'm thinking it should be more like 330 ohms which would make a direct short pass 2.7 milliamps and draw only 1/4 watt of power

mohican - Mon 17 Sep - 21:26

The Z Maker SW1200 kit says the he used a 33Kohm resistor in series with the motor but that would make the current passed through the resistor at .02 milliamps if the resistor were directly shorted

mohican - Mon 17 Sep - 21:20

does anyone know what value resistor is in the voltage reducer cable for rokuhan mini motors?

clubzscale - Thu 13 Sep - 01:36

Okay I’m back in... thanx Stony everything all better now. Log in reset successful.

rvn2001 - Tue 4 Sep - 02:19

Good to see you back, Bruce.

umchappy08 - Mon 3 Sep - 22:37

Been out of the ZCS for quite a while, but coming back. Been running Z though. Hope to get reconnected with you all. Enjoyed showing in NTS 2018.

DAZed - Mon 20 Aug - 06:33

Here are my NTS photos. NTS Photos

ejshelton - Sun 19 Aug - 18:01

I missed that....

rvn2001 - Sun 19 Aug - 17:59

You can see me walking behind Chad. I must have been working a wreck...

ejshelton - Sun 19 Aug - 17:39

I enjoyed the video......but one mystery. You're seat was empty.....I thought you never left that spot all three days......lol

circusbuilder - Sat 18 Aug - 18:09

Still alive. After nts 17 I was a little in the dumps. Nice to see 18 a better showing.

southernnscale - Sat 18 Aug - 01:38

Thanks for sharing the 2018NTS. I was watching model railroad 2018 video and they didn't show any of the Z scale. They even had Atlas there and not a word was said about the new flex track!

rvn2001 - Sat 18 Aug - 01:08

Here's a link to a video with our modules. Our modules appear at minute 25:12https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRASkyDmO3c

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NHRS 1830-05-22 Fifteen miles of the Baltimore & Ohio from Pratt Street on Baltimore's west side to Ellicott's Mills (Ellicott City) opens for regular service. The railroad contracts with a stagecoach operator, who furnishes drivers and horses, changing teams at Relay House on the Patapsco River. B&O is the first railroad in Maryland and the first railroad in North America to carry revenue passengers.
MICHRR 1852-05-22 Michigan Southern Railroad reaches Chicago from South Chicago. [MCR-75/DWS]
ColinCRP 1941-05-22 As part of the war effort, the first tank (Mark III) is produced at the Canadian Pacific Angus Shops, Montreal. On June 30 Montreal Locomotive Works produced the first M-3 (Modified) Cruiser tank.


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Stonebridge Models Greenhouse Build

Stonebridge Models Greenhouse Build by Modelersguild.com

GEDC0171It's funny - Sometimes in this gig, I come across a project that just amazes me. This Greenhouse from Stonebridge Designs is one of those projects. It is remarkably small. This kit I'm told is available in Z, N and HO. Gardener not included.


When opening the kit, I noticed something immediately. It was full, filled up to the brim with stuff. Instructions, a CD with a full compliment of build photos and last, but not least, the 7 or 8 pieces to the kit. Oh, its small.

GEDC0165As you can see this kit is as basic as it can get. I say basic in design but the end result is something! I walked around showing it off for more then a few days. The parts are Task board, glazing and ground turf.

GEDC0167Construction is not something that will take anymore then one nights work. This kit is easily put together, and I say this considering its size. Remember my disability is, in fact, vision.

GEDC0170Thee hardest part of this whole project here is photographing the little gem. This was as close as I could get with my $60 camera (yes this site is made with a $60 camera), opting to further crop and zoom the image with GIMP the free image editor.

GEDC0171I won't be surprised if I go out to build the other scale models as these Greenhouses are very suitable for a small and interesting scene in scale Z thru HO.

Ron Pare

Micro-Trains Logging Camp Cars Build

Micro-Trains Logging Camp Cars Build by Modelersguild.com

Working with my brother-in-law has its challenges. It doesn't always go so well, some of you know what I mean. But when he delivers with work like this. I think we might be able to do it again.

guild 2009 may 14 269This Logging Camp Car (Dining car and Office car, also refered to as the "clerestory") was fun and fairly easy to construct.  The kit seemed to be a bit challenging at some points, mainly because of the small parts and meticulous process of assembling the tiny pieces. But with a good cutting tool, some tight bond glue and a little bit of patience, this project proved to be a great way to explore the ever-so-detailed world of the Z-scale model.

guild 2009 may 14 275Laying out the parts I was near ready to give up. Just then Ron hands me a set of tweezers. After a few manouvers weilding the tweezers my confidence returned.

guild 2009 may 14 282A few directions from my brother I decided to refer the printed instructions. I am glad I did, Ron was right, and I never would have followed his lead, but since the instructions I agreed, I guess I would too. 

guild 2009 may 14 285This kit contains two cars, complete with trucks and couplers. All this was not immediately appearant to me. As the build moved on I did begin to learn a few things about these pieces of rolling stock.

guild 2009 may 14 290As I built Ron provided me with pictures of the real thing. It was amazing with a bit of this information really expanded my understanding of the project at hand. The interest that grew in me completely wrapped my mind into the whole thing.

guild aug 24001Model railraoding is much more then just playing with toys. I realize this now and will never ever forget that. And maybe just maybe, one day I too will pursue a railroad of my own.

Ron Pare

Micro-Trains 2 Story Barracks Build

Micro-Trains 2 Story Barracks Build by Modelersguild.com

These Micro Trains kits are nice, real nice. A few nights build timeguild 09 02 d08 and you have a piece for that micro sized layout. No major surgery involved just plain fun.

guild 09 01 51To start this build we followed the instructions and sealed the card with dull coat. Sealing the card protects it from the acrylic pains. We painted the trims and foundation grey. When dry we cut out and glued these to the wall sections while still unassembled. Add the glazing to the backs of the walls at this time.

Put together the interior frame and foundation pieces, let set. While propping the walls in place glue the side walls to the frame and foundation.

guild 09 01 d005To keep the foundation flat while gluing we clamped it to a straight edge. Let everything dry completely.

guild 09 01 d011With all the porch and ladder pieces painted we started adding these to the end walls. This was done to make the task easier, adding these to the walls upright would be an unnecessary challenge.

guild 09 01 d012Time to glue the end walls on, I tell ya these brass weights are real nice. Definitely worth much more then the scrap we pulled them from.

guild 09 01 d015When all is ready we added the roof panels to the building. run a small bead of glue around the tops of the walls to place this on, make sure to wipe off access glues (the excess is unmistakable in the final product).

guild 09 02 d06Cut our the printed roofing to fit the panels and glue on. Make sure to scrape the paper with a hard plastic card.

Ron Pare

Trees & Shrubs by Animek Models

Tree & Shrub Tutorial

By Animek Models

First, I've started creating the forms of the trees, here I've done 2 kind of cedars trees, a "menhir form" and some "ball form", a piece of balsa wood of 3/8 x 3/8 was use to achieve those forms, all turned on a mini lathe, and then sanded briefly.



Then all the parts were cut with a razor blade, and each bottom and top of each pieces were sanded to finish the forms.


Each balsa form was inserted with a glued wire, so they could be hold for the next steps, and stick into the layout.


I applied a good coat of paint, mostly the same color than what the final tree will look.


Then with the acrylic paint still wet (very important), I apply the tainted saw dust with a plastic spoon. And shake off the excess.


For smaller shrubs or when you don't have time to turn a balsa piece, just use the tiny Styrofoam balls, they can be detach easily without breaking if you take your time.


For the brown shrubs, I've mix some green, un-dye MDF and a little quantities of orange foam, the woodland scenic stuff or any equivalent, it's just that I did not have any orange powder done in my inventory.

menhir7 menhir8


For the brown shrubs, I've mix some green, un-dye MDF and a little quantities of orange foam, the woodland scenic stuff or any equivalent, it's just that I did not have any orange powder done in my inventory.


menhir9 menhir10


There you have it, all your "Field of Dreams" Shrubs, just like in the real photo.




The trees were done with the same kind of MDF stain dust; I vary the tone of the green to have different level of color.



For the back tree, like oak or apple tree, I've experimented with what seem to me the best mixture to work with, it hides the electric wires. I mix 4 ingredients (1. Paris plaster, 2. Water, 3.wite glue, and 4. Acrylic paint, then I apply this mud with a brush on the tree trucks, it hardens in a few hours, and make a great looking bark, I just need to paint a little over to simulate a better looking tree.






Courtesy of Benoit Jean of Animek Models.     logo petit2

Passengers in MTL Empire Builder dome cars

Passengers in MTL Empire Builder dome cars

By Mike Scully

June 2009


Step 1: paint passengers on sprue. 

This is my project to add passengers to the provided seats in the MTL dome cars, Great Northern Empire Builder, in my case.  The first step is to paint the passengers (except their heads) on the sprues.  Lessons learned: a) Testor enamels go on thick with too large a brush, b) enamels are also quite shiny, c) a small sheet of shipping-box cardboard serves well as a base in which to stick Preiser sprues while painting.

domes and_passengers_001


Step 2: paint the seats.

Second step is to paint the seats.  As one who has broken equipment in the past, I was worried the dome would only come off after being pried open, leaving pry marks.  The domes actually come off easily.  Like when painting the people, I learned enamel needs to be applied with the smallest brush possible.  After taking this picture, I was made aware that the seats have *edges*, which have since been painted.

domes and_passengers_002


Step 3: All aboard!

Step 3 involves putting the passengers in the seats.  Preiser passengers are to scale, but the seats in the domes are a bit low, and thus the passengers must have thier legs raised to fit.  They can be squeezed in, but my other two cars will be done with passengers' feet removed for a better fit.  The first shot was taken with flash (which emphasizes any errors), the second without.

domes and_passengers_003a

domes and_passengers_003



Step 4: restore the dome.

The last step is to restore the dome to its rightful place.  I'll likely go back in to paint the heads of my passengers on this car (and I'll do so before "sealing them in" on my other two dome cars).  But I'm happy with the result.

domes and_passengers_004a

domes and_passengers_004


Passengers in MTL EB dome cars how to was written by Mike Scully in June 2009. This article has been assembled in order by the following links. Simply cut and paste the following links into your web browser to follow up on any additional comments, suggestions, or to view the larger images.










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