Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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DAZed - Mon 20 Aug - 01:33

Here are my NTS photos. NTS Photos

ejshelton - Sun 19 Aug - 13:01

I missed that....

rvn2001 - Sun 19 Aug - 12:59

You can see me walking behind Chad. I must have been working a wreck...

ejshelton - Sun 19 Aug - 12:39

I enjoyed the video......but one mystery. You're seat was empty.....I thought you never left that spot all three days......lol

circusbuilder - Sat 18 Aug - 13:09

Still alive. After nts 17 I was a little in the dumps. Nice to see 18 a better showing.

southernnscale - Fri 17 Aug - 20:38

Thanks for sharing the 2018NTS. I was watching model railroad 2018 video and they didn't show any of the Z scale. They even had Atlas there and not a word was said about the new flex track!

rvn2001 - Fri 17 Aug - 20:08

Here's a link to a video with our modules. Our modules appear at minute 25:12https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRASkyDmO3c

carlb - Fri 17 Aug - 19:45

Just responding to an email that I haven't logged in for awhile.I'm still interested in Z scale model trains, so just checking in to say, don't cancel my membership!

jim29t - Thu 16 Aug - 21:27

Thanks for the great pictures of the NTS

JR59 - Thu 16 Aug - 05:41

Greetings from Switzerland and yes I'm still alive!

zinzere - Thu 16 Aug - 00:49

Why does the site load so slowly? Discourages visiting the site more often.

soccrdad30 - Sun 12 Aug - 21:04

I will miss Johnathan very much too.

Pete Nolan - Sun 12 Aug - 19:08

Indeed, sad! I will miss him.

ejshelton - Sat 11 Aug - 10:31

So sad :(

ejshelton - Sat 11 Aug - 10:31

So sad :(

ejshelton - Sat 11 Aug - 10:30


ejshelton - Sat 11 Aug - 10:31


stonysmith - Thu 9 Aug - 22:14

"Catt" Johnathan Edwards, long time ZCS member, passed away the afternoon of August 9th

Alaska Railroader - Sat 4 Aug - 17:48

Put some remnants of the TownBuilder kits on ebay.

southernnscale - Sat 28 Jul - 17:48

Add a new photo had some problems uploading and it froze up ! and the picture didn't show did it again now got two post same photo!

rvn2001 - Sun 24 Jun - 12:37

Excellent! Dr. Frankenshteen....

stonysmith - Sat 23 Jun - 10:40

It is alive!

LWR21 - Mon 28 May - 14:58

Yes, Gerd has built some.

bjw - Fri 25 May - 17:56

Hi, All,Did someone here do a GMD-1 CN loco? Gerd?

southernnscale - Mon 21 May - 22:50

Thanks! Back in business! all changed and works!!!! Yeee! haa!

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NHRS 1930-08-21 RKO releases the film Danger Lights, a railroad drama filmed on-location, primarily on the Milwaukee Road in Montana.
ACRR 1933-08-21 Pennsylvania-Reading Motor Lines, Inc (P-RML)., incorporated to combine bus operations of Pennsylvania Greyhound Transit and Reading Transportation Company in P-RSL territory.
NHRS 1935-08-21 Union Pacific introduces registered nurses as stewardesses on its economy fare train The Challenger. They are the first women to be part of an operating train crew.
MICHRR 1968-08-21 The Calumet and Hecla Consolidated Copper Company closes operations in Calumet, following a strike which closed the mine permanently. [MSL]
MICHRR 1984-08-21 Straits carferry the "Chief Wawatam" finishes service. [MDOT]


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RSLaserkits Cheltenham Station Build

RSLaserkits Cheltenham Station Build by Modelersguild.com

guild 09 01 f010If someone had told me two months ago, that there is such a thing as a Z scale Craftsman kit, I'd tell them they were crazy. Today I am that crazy fool telling you about a Z scale Craftsman kit, interested ? Good...


guild 09 01 d017Z Scale kits have an appeal to them that other kits lack. The smallest of available scales Z adds that sense that if I can do this I can model anything.

These RS Laser make a very nice kit. The kits parts are small and very delicate, however with a sharp knife, some toothpicks for glue, time and patience. Yes you will break some part, but you can fix it. Rich sends extra parts it seems in all of his small kits, so don't fret. Follow along as this build grows into a micro masterpiece (well at least to me).

guild 09 01 d019We started the build by painting the parts in the sheet. Not realy paint, a stain marker was used, dark brown (my freelanced road colours).The main walls were painted using antique white acrylic, go easy on soaking the wood, you don't want to warp it.

guild 09 01 d024Once the paint has properly dried we can peal off the paper on the back of the trim. This reveals the two sided tape (ingenious) making the process of adding the trim very easy.Once

guild 09 01 d026

When added the trims realy look great. Now set the aside we are going to work on the windows.

guild 09 01 d032The windows are wood and are also very delicate. If you have not changed to a sharp blade yet, nows the time. Don't say I didn't warn ya. Paint the windows (or stain).

The windows have two-sided tape on them so carefully peal of sticky protection and place the glazings on with a pair of tweezers.

guild 09 01 e002To add the windows to the walls isn't all that hard really. Get a small container to put the windows in. Using a SHARP knife cut out the windows. Now that they have the glazing added they are much more stable and you can handle them easily with tweezers.

guild 09 01 e003This is not a scientific method by no means so bare with me. lick your finger, touch the white glue, dab it off. In the window opening, slide your finger to one side and some will bead up there, do the same to the other side.  Remember, use too much glue and you will have glue to clean off your model, so go lite. Wipe off excess glue. We added glue to an entire wall then added the windows. We added the windows through the backs of the walls.

guild 09 01 e016Once we have the windows and doors sorted we move to assembling the main structure. Using our squaring device we glued from the inside corners.

guild 09 01 e017Let dry then connect the two, again gluing from the inside corner. Let dry completely.

Ron Pare

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